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LawyerMaking© In-Firm Coach Training

About Karen B. Kahn, EdD PCC

Learning about people has been a part of Karen Kahn’s life as a psychologist and coach for 50 years. What she learns, and continues to learn enables her to hear, see, connect, and give. She looks forward to sharing all of this with all who have chosen to be part of the support and growth system for attorneys.
Coaching is a very complicated pursuit. Yes, it involves listening, in depth focus, empathy and a strong desire to help but that is just the beginning. Surrounding those important skills and intentions is a comprehensive understanding of people—how they grow, how they relate, how their different experiences impact who they are, how they feel, what they want and more. Knowing how to weave the skills with an in depth understanding of people is at the heart of what 1970s guru Virginia Satir called peoplemaking—what those of us who coach lawyers can call “lawyermaking.”

We created LawyerMaking© to provide a community and forum to help coaches of all levels –, and people who use coaching skills – continue to grow and learn. Together we will keep on evolving and helping lawyers advance and be fulfilled people.

LawyerMaking© offers a variety of learning opportunities for individuals with coaching responsibilities inside law firms. With both targeted coaching skills modules and learning focused specifically on business development coaching, strategic career advancement coaching, and coaching to support and drive success for diverse lawyers, LawyerMaking© provides ongoing education, experiential learning and peer to peer discussions poised to address the needs of in-firm coaches.

Now featuring a never before seen learning style, LawyerMaking© combines both on-demand lessons with interactive quizzes and live sessions with Karen Kahn to create an engaging course style that will enable busy coaches to get the most out of this unique learning opportunity
  • Attend 5 live “Skills Face Conversations”on the 2nd Tuesday of every month to gain firsthand experience engaging with the material with Karen via Zoom.
  • Attend 5 live “Situation Based Challenges That Lawyers Bring to Coaching”on the 4th Tuesday of every month to work through realistic situational issues with Karen via Zoom.

Firms who utilize LawyerMaking© for their coaches will be assured that their professionals possess the skill development, continuous education and support needed to provide motivation and career enhancement to their lawyers.

What Is Required to attain a Level 1 Certification
  • Viewing of all 10 On Demand Sessions
  • Completion of all 10 Quizzes
  • Attendance of 5 Skills Face Conversations
  • Attendance of 5 Situation Based Challenges that Lawyers Bring to Coaching

Level 2 Certification—Coaching through challenges
  • 10 Live Classes

Level 3 Certification—Business Development Methodology
  • All 10 OnDemand Classes
  • 5 Live Classes

Level 4 Certification—Advanced Coaching: Putting All Skills, Thoughts and Approaches to Work

  • All 10 OnDemand Classes on Coaching through Differences
  • 10 Live Classes

Elite Level Coach Certification
  • All of the above
  • Feedback from 4 lawyers coached during the past 12 months
  • Written recommendations from two in-firm professionals
  • Two page paper about personal coaching approach and vision for how you will use coaching in the future.

For Individuals with any coach certification: Continued Learning Certificates will be offered by completing a combination of any 10 above