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The Foundation of Business Development Coaching: Coaching Skills

Find your way to business development coaching success by learning the skills and techniques necessary to turn lawyers into rainmakers.

This course offers an excellent opportunity to learn the techniques firsthand that drive success at law firms, as well as a chance to practice newfound skills directly with Karen B. Kahn, an instructor whose insight has allowed business development coaches to overcome challenges and build opportunities time and time again.

About The Course

Taught by psychologist and renowned coach Karen B. Kahn, this class aims to build a strong foundation for business development coaches. By going over each of the necessary skills, this course will provide business development coaches with tangible steps and techniques that they can use in real life- not just an overview of the theories. Each class will cover the content and background necessary for each skill, followed by an opportunity to actually practice those skills and techniques and a debrief of the practice sessions.

Business development coaches who complete the course will gain a fundamental understanding of skills necessary for success, including:
  • The basics of coaching
  • How to ask expanding and deepening questions
  • How to overcome challenges and resistance
  • How to motivate
  • Listening skills
  • How to foster connection
  • And more

Course Details

This course will take place across 10 weeks, and each class will be held live via Zoom.
Each class will be recorded and redistributed to participants to view at their convenience.

This course includes live coaching practice sessions with Karen, followed by her feedback and homework assignments to help coaches build on the skills they learn in class.

Upon completion, participants will receive a digital badge unique to this course that can be displayed online.

About the Instructor

Karen Kahn EdD PCC, a psychologist and certified coach, has taught coaching at several of the most prestigious coaching programs. Over the years, she has also taught various psychology courses for many colleges and universities.


Class 1 - What is coaching; positioning coaching; the role of BD coach—coaching nuts and bolt, how to start

Class 2 - Fostering Connection; Empathy, reflecting, paraphrasing, reframing

Class 3 - Deepening and Expanding Questions

Class 4 - Listening; Thinking

Class 5 - Motivating

Class 6 - Sharing, Giving Examples, Suggestions

Class 7 - Challenging, Disagreeing, Feedback

Class 8 - Encouraging, Support, Cheerleading

Class 9 - The Resistant, Negative Lawyer, “How Can I Help?”

Class 10 - Putting it all together, Summary, Next Steps

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